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Q&A with Big Agnes Ambassador Tommy Danger

The Campfire Chronicles

What’s one piece of gear you don’t leave home without?

Tommy: I always have one of my duffels wherever I go whether that’s the Road Tripper or Big Joe. Camping wise I have to have my BA Tents.  

What drives you to adventure?

Tommy: Exploration is something that pumps my blood. It allows me to adventure while learning. What so many people don’t enjoy is the high dose of failure that comes with adventure and those are the moments where I learn the most. Now having a family, one of my main goals is teaching my daughters to explore and to know that failure is a part of life.  

What’s on your bucket list for 2020?

Tommy: Becoming a dad to my second daughter and taking them on fun trips within Alaska and around the world! 

What do you do to give back, why are you passionate about that?

Tommy: I run a non-profit called More Than Just Me that allows us to help get video games and toys to kids in the hospital. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live a big chunk of your life in the hospital. We hope the little we can do helps bring a smile to their lives! 

What keeps you stoked on Big Agnes? 

Tommy: It’s hard not to be stoked about a company that makes you feel like family and is constantly looking to support people on adventures who explore the outside and need quality products. 

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