Sleep In The Dirt

Q&A with Big Agnes Ambassador Justin Reiter

The Campfire Chronicles

What’s one piece of gear you don’t leave home without?

Justin: I absolutely love my Chilton Jacket, it’s my go to piece. It’s a super compressible, packable, warm layer that works in all situations and all forms of recreation from campfire hangouts to brisk 14’er summits, I don’t go too far without it.

What drives you to adventure?

Justin: The process. It is a beautiful thing to come up with an idea and set in place the steps to accomplish it. It is very similar to the process of athletic goals which is where my background is founded.

What’s on your bucket list for 2020?

Justin: After spending all last summer laid up with an injury I am extremely excited to get out and create more memories. More sweat, more summits, more campfires, and more adventures – both backyard and backcountry.

What do you do to give back, why are you passionate about that?

Justin: My background is in snowboarding and I currently coach at the elite level. I find great passion in volunteering with young riders to coach and mentor. Lighting others fires lights my own, so I spend time with Junior riders all over the country and the world to spread the stoke of shred. I also enjoy trail work days in the summer.

What keeps you stoked on Big Agnes?

Justin: I love checking out all the new Big Agnes gear each year and seeing the places my fellow ambassadors are venturing to, to really put this gear through the wringer. The resulting images produce both laughs and inspiration to get out and see new places with old friends, as well as taking new friends to my favorite spots. While I love testing new gear each year, there is joy found in patching up old gear to create new memories. The dirt patina on well worn equipment is as timeless as a vintage photo.

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