Sleep In The Dirt

Q&A with Big Agnes Ambassador Ben Weaver

The Campfire Chronicles

What’s one piece of gear you don’t leave home without?

Ben: I have a sleeping bag, pad, pump house and puffy that live in my van and never leave – unless on my body, in the dirt or on the snow. If I leave home on my bike (which is often) the one thing I always have regardless of temp, terrain, or route is my huge hunger for raw and enchanted wildness!   

What drives you to adventure? 

Ben: I believe that humans have so much to learn from the plants, water, animals and dirt. The wisdom that sits in the places and homes of these beings offers endless insight into the potential for humans to expand our ways of knowing and relating. I believe that wildness is a common trait within all living things, and a pursuit of wildness is a pursuit of relationship and connection. I adventure to be connected to the greater web. 

What’s on your bucket list for 2020? 

Ben: To get back to a very special spot in Southern Utah. In addition, I am kicking off my next project that will combine music and adventure. This project is called Edge Lands and will focus on supporting the narrative that adventure is not only found in far away and remote places but also in our backyards. I am very curious about what wildness lives in these often over looked green spaces. I want to sleep among these trees and water, listen for a while, and discover what they have to say.    

What do you do to give back, why are you passionate about that?  

Ben: I believe that life is about relationships, and the root of any relationship is reciprocity. Giving back and asking permission are two of the most important pieces of a relationship. I try and do this just by how I show up in the spaces I find myself – to be a listener and to leave a positive impact. I use music and my poetry to give something emotional back to the people and spaces who give so much to support and allow our rambling in on their own home-ground. Giving back is part of being a bridge builder and a path cutter towards unity. Those are things I hope to be and work to give back in support of.    

What keeps you stoked on Big Agnes?  

Ben: I appreciate the quick turn around on product development and how stoked everyone is about using and improving the gear. All of the gear I have used lives up to its claim of being designed for a hugely diverse audience. As someone who wears many hats, I get excited about the range of gear Big Agnes creates. Not only is the product versatile but it is rugged and durable, which is a huge asset for someone like me.  

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