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Q & A with Non-Profit, Outdoor Afro

Sponsorship and Non-Profit

Big Agnes partners with, and sponsors, a number of non-profit organizations throughout the country. Not only are we proud to help people of all ages and abilities get out and #sleepinthedirt, we’re honored to work with some amazing people and groups doing amazing things to help others. Outdoor Afro is one of these organizations.

Big Agnes: Tell us a little bit about your organization—what you do, how long you’ve been around, etc.

Outdoor Afro: Outdoor Afro has become the nation’s leading, cutting edge network that celebrates and inspires African American connections and leadership in nature. Since 2009, we have helped people take better care of themselves, our communities, and our planet! Outdoor Afro is a national non-profit organization with leadership networks around the country. With nearly 80 leaders in 30 states from around the country, we connect thousands of people to outdoor experiences who are changing the face of conservation. So come out in nature with us, or be a partner to help us grow our work so that we can help lead the way for inclusion in outdoor recreation, nature, and conservation for all!

Big Agnes: How long has your organization been working with Big Agnes?

Outdoor Afro: Officially, Big Agnes and OA have been working together for 3-6 months.

Big Agnes: What specifically does Big Agnes’s support help your organization accomplish?

Outdoor Afro: Big Agnes’s support helps the leaders to stay comfortable, dry, and warm. Successfully hiking to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro took skill, perseverance, and the proper gear. Big Agnes provided 0-degree sleeping bags and pads for the leaders to shift all their focus to climbing.

Big Agnes: What is your organization and/or those involved in your organization’s favorite part about working with Big Agnes?

Outdoor Afro: We love the support from Big Agnes, the excitement to work with our leaders, and technical expertise in utilizing the proper equipment for all the events we lead in the outdoors.

Big Agnes: What are your organization’s goals for the future?

Outdoor Afro: Outdoor Afro continues to connect people to the outdoors with an expected 1,000 events around the country in 2018. We will continue to expand our nearly 80 person leadership team in a smart and intentional way. As we look further towards the future, we are looking to acquire land for an Outdoor Afro homestead to hold programs, leadership trainings, and more.

Big Agnes: Anything else you’d like to share?

Our partners are one of the reasons we can do this work. Many have been with us since Outdoor Afro was just an idea. Our gratitude for partners runs deep because it is a partnership built on trust. We are thrilled to be working with Big Agnes and look forward to many more years of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Learn more about Outdoor Afro and how you can get involved, HERE.

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