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Q & A with Big Agnes Ambassador, Jason Schlarb

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For the first time, we have chosen five official Ambassadors to represent not only the Big Agnes brand, but also what it means to embody the Big Agnes lifestyle. Our fifth and final Ambassador debut features Mountain Endurance Athlete and Film Producer, Jason Schlarb. We caught up with Jason to ask him a few questions about what race he’s training for next, his favorite competition memory, and what Big Agnes tent he won’t leave home without. Here’s what he has to say:

BA: What does it mean to you to be one of five first official Big Agnes Ambassadors?

Jason: I’m proud of my relationship with Big Agnes. Over the last 5+ years Big Agnes has enabled me to be a lot more comfortable when I go out and explore our big wild world. I’ve always bragged about my choice to use Big Agnes, as the gear is innovative, awesome in performance and local to my home state of Colorado. But to now represent the brand officially, that is a real dream come true!

BA: What and who inspire you to live the lifestyle you do?

Jason: My biggest outdoor adventuring hero has to be Conrad Anker. Going to college in Bozeman, Montana, I was inspired by both what Alex Lowe and Conrad accomplished, but what really inspired me was the character, choices, and lifestyle Conrad has chosen over the last two decades. I aspire to be someone who is passionate, responsible, and giving with my energy both in my pursuits but also in bettering our world and community like Conrad has done so well.

BA: What events are you currently training for and what are you most excited about?

Jason: I am training for the Ultra Trail Mount Sigunian 100 kilometer race in China. The race climbs over 14,000 ft. high-alpine mountains in the Sezchuan Province. I am excited for this race as I will be simultaneously producing a film about the trip with film maker Ben Clark and mountain endurance athlete Meredith Edwards. Next year I will race several of my favorite 100 mile races like Hardrock, Western States, or Run Rabbit Run.


BA: What is your favorite race memory?

Jason: My favorite race memory has to be finishing Ultra Trail Mount Blanc 100 mile (UTMB) as the first American, 4th overall and seeing my son running towards me from the finish line with 100’s of fans cheering my finish.

BA: What current world issues are most important for you to raise awareness about and why?

Jason: As a professional mountain endurance athlete and film producer, I am most motivated to raise awareness and ACTION on policy our lawmakers are responsible for, especially pertaining to environmental responsibility and conservation. In addition to public lands protection, creation, and management.  Secondly, I hope to motivate our general populace to be less complacent on both voting and speaking up for what we want our elected officials to do for us in their jobs.

BA: What do you enjoy most about sleeping in the dirt?

Jason: Quality time in wild places is probably my biggest motivation to do what I do as an athlete. Our world is amazingly diverse and absolutely amazing, I want to explore its wild lands near and far.


BA: What is your favorite piece of Big Agnes gear that you never adventure without?

Jason: The Big Agnes Fly Creek HV2 Platinum rocks my world. The Fly Creek tent is so light, but just big enough for me, my partner, or buddy to go far and fast but still have enough space to be comfortable camping. I sleep in the Fly Creek more than any other tent.

BA: Where is your favorite place you’ve camped?

My favorite recent camp location has to be in the Dolomite mountains of Italy above the town of Molveno. Above treeline with steep, towering dolomite towers, via ferrattas, and endless trails to explore made for an all-time camping experience.

BA: Do you have a favorite, must-cook campfire dinner?

Jason: My staples for camping food include corn cooked on the coals in the husk, Amy’s soup warmed by the fire, and roasted mango jalapeno chicken sausage. Top all this off with good chocolate and a Moscow mule made with Colorado distilled Deerhammer whiskey. Oh yeah!

BA: Any epic or memorable camp stories?

Jason: Too many. I’ve spent a majority of the last 5 summers camping.

Follow Jason’s adventures on Instagram @jasonschlarb.

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