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Q & A with Big Agnes Ambassador, Krystle Wright

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For the first time, we have chosen five official Ambassadors to represent not only the Big Agnes brand, but also what it means to embody the Big Agnes lifestyle. Our fourth Ambassador debut features Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker, Krystle Wright. We caught up with Krystle to ask her a few questions about where her current focus on photography and filmmaking is, where she enjoys shooting the most, and what projects she has coming up. Here’s what she has to say:

BA: What does it mean to you to be one of five first official Big Agnes Ambassadors?

Oh I am bloody well stoked that Big Agnes would consider a dirty Aussie to be apart of the incredible lineup!

BA: What and who inspire you to live the lifestyle you do?

Krystle: I knew from a young age that I was never going to have the ability to have a long enough concentration span to survive a career in an office. I wanted to be outdoors and to combine creativity with that. I’ve been surrounded by an incredible community where there are simply too many names to mention!

BA: What current world issues are most important for you to raise awareness about and why?

Krystle: It seems like the world is falling apart these days, and there are a lot of issues I care about — particularly about the environment and wildlife. In the role I am in as an adventure photographer and filmmaker, a lot of my energy has been focused on one conversation that has been circulating incessantly which is gender representation within the adventure industry. We desire diversity in this politically correct world, but that desire can be misconstrued, possibly even contradictory, if we view diversity as a manufactured agenda rather that the basis of fundamental freedoms. Art’s power comes from both the treatment of this agenda and the story, and from the subsequent debate that can and should instigate action. Otherwise, its power is lost, diluted in revolving conversations that become stale when progression is stalled. My hope is that we continue to move towards more diversity that no longer do we see gender, religion, sex, age and all we see is a great story because that is where the power lies to influence others.

BA: What do you enjoy most about sleeping in the dirt?

Krystle: I must admit that recently in a dust storm in outback Queensland, it wasn’t fun to wake up and close my mouth to a mouthful of dirt and feeling the chunky grinds between my teeth. Haha! But that’s the beauty of adventure! I love the freedom of being able to sleep almost anywhere outside. One of my favorite memories was walking through the Kimberley’s with National Geographic explorer Sarah Marquis as we camped in spots where we felt so removed from civilization and experienced areas where who knows when or if there had been any human contact there prior. That remote feeling, I absolutely love it.

BA: What is your favorite piece of Big Agnes gear that you never adventure without?

Krystle: I remember years ago my very first Outdoor Retailer show in 2012, and I knew hardly anyone. One friend I ran into who does a lot of motorcycle riding and sleeping in the dirt swore by the Q-Core sleeping mat and told me to get over there to Big Agnes booth and check it out. He was right. I pestered one of the poor staff so I could buy one on display and I’ve never looked back. It’s the one mat I will never travel without!! Absolute comfort anywhere, anytime!

BA: Where is your favorite place you’ve camped?

Krystle: Every place I’ve been to always carries a different experience, so it’s difficult to have a favorite. From sleeping on the back of a catamaran on the Great Barrier Reef, camping on a frozen fjord on Baffin Island, and camping down the Amur riverbank in Mongolia, it’s safe to say I’ve collected some fairly unique locations. As I type out this answer, I did realize that I do love camping on a beach, as nothing beats the sound of waves as you fall asleep. It’s what we did growing up all the time, every school holiday was camping on Double Island Point on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

BA: Do you have a favorite, must-cook campfire dinner?

Krystle: I wholeheartedly believe that eating good food feeds the soul. I don’t think I have a go-to meal. But I’ll admit that I love cooking up an egg burrito with plenty of sweet potato and avocado. Simple, good, and easy!

BA: Any epic or memorable camp stories?

Krystle: During a two-month kayaking expedition through Mongolia and Russia, we were on our way back to the capital, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to catch the Siberian railway to get across the border. We set up camp beside a yurt, as it would take two days of driving to get back. Our driver was giving us homemade vodka brewed from fermented milk, and by cup number four, I called it quits. Everyone gave me shit for it, but I learned that lesson already in Pakistan. In the morning, I woke early as the others rested with a brutal hangover, and as I wandered around, this group of baby goats and sheep took a liking to our tent and started eating it and trying to climb it. It’s one of my favorite memories from camping as it was so unexpected!

BA: Where is your favorite location in the world to shoot and why?

Krystle: I chose to be an adventure photographer knowing that by diversifying over multiple sports, it would give me the chance to change up locations all the time. Whether it’s the ocean, forest, desert, or alpine, all of it interests me and I’ll continue to explore this Earth as much as I can!

BA: Any cool projects coming up that you can share with us?

Krystle: I’m definitely keeping busy! I’m hoping to release a new project at Banff Mountain Film Festival, and I’m kick-starting a few different projects over the coming months. Yes, I am being vague but I swear it’s worth the wait! Sometimes you gotta keep a bit of mystery!

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