Hut Trippin’ on Boreas Pass

Essays From the Field

One of the reasons I love being in the outdoors is that I’m afforded the time to unplug and think without the distractions of technology. Normally I feel like I’m at home in the mountains, but this time I was feeling very much outside my element. I was determined to …

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Orno UL 0 Review

Product Reviews

Thru-hiker Paul Ingram, better known as Pie on the Trail, discusses using the Orno UL 0 on the CDT and why this bag converted him back to a traditional mummy style sleeping bag.

To read more about Pie’s adventures on the CDT, and to check out more in-depth (geeky) gear …

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Comforting Athletes and Making Friends in Big Agnes Apparel

Essays From the Field
"Most ski/snowboard bums would probably have talked about the fantastic places each of them were going to ski or ride, but the three of us talked about materials, patterns, zipper placements, and durability of goods. It was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had while boarding a plane, and certainly one of the most educational. It changed my perspective on the outerwear Big Agnes offers, enlightened me to the huge research and development efforts, and enhanced my relationship with the company through understanding." Read the rest

Road Trippin’ Roan

Stuff We Like
"Roan is now 13, and along with traditional holidays, she also celebrates equinox and solstice.  While her peers saturate Instagram, Roan marks these calendar transitions with revolving and exciting adventures. Spring flows into river trips and rock climbing; summertime brings road trips and backpacks. Her perspective is still very much about the moment, the action, and the fun.  We head out the door and she is pleased." Read the rest

Surviving the Backcountry in Baxter State Park

The Campfire Chronicles
"Snow melting, water boiling, coffee drinking and bag stuffing as we joked about how this whole circumnavigation seemed uphill. We dismantled our tent, laced up our boots, loaded up our sleds, clicked into skis and pushed off for another day in the park. Eight inches of fresh snow had accumulated over the night which made what was already a glorious winter wonderland even more spectacular." Read the rest