AMSOIL Rides the Divide

Essays From the Field
"If you've ever ridden a motorcycle without a clutch, you might be aware of the problems this might pose... After many miles of questionable maneuvers through traffic, and only having to push the bike a few times to get moving again, we made it to the first motorcycle shop. They did not have the parts on hand..." Read the rest

Greater Yellowstone Traverse Post-Trail

Essays From the Field
"The Wind River Range is a special place, as the remote and enchanted beauty that lay in those mountains is the reason I hike. It’s the kind of mountain travel that will constantly keep you on high alert and fighting for almost every mile. But no matter how hard it gets, you are reminded of why you are out there by simply looking up and taking in the nature around you." Read the rest

Q & A with Sponsored Group, AndShesDopeToo

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
"We feel that we are in a time where the family is being divided more than ever by technology and all of its programed distractions. Children no longer want to play in the dirt and climb trees because they are too busy playing games and becoming systematically addicted to the routine of technology. The current state of the social climate around the globe is proof that people need time spent outdoors more than ever." Read the rest