Giving Back With A Little Dirt and Mud Under Our Nails

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
Our product designers and developers, our product-testing ambassadors and many of our other employees have traveled the CDT and have been inspired by star-filled nights dreaming of ways to evolve camping gear. We thought it was about time that we paid it forward by not only giving monetary help to these non-profits but by actually getting dirt under our fingernails and putting our backs into some trail maintenance. Read the rest

Holidays at Big Agnes Headquarters

Stuff We Like
The holiday season around here is kinda like a shot of Wild Turkey next to the campfire on a cool June evening. It bites back a bit. We’re all working to wrap up a solid year worth of work, racing to get our kids to all their parties and practices, trying to take a few moments with our families and where the real conflict comes in is finding time to get on the hill with skis, fat bikes, snow shoes and a few of our best friends. Read the rest

Chhiring Dorje Sherpa and the Evolution of the Battle Mountain Tent

The Campfire Chronicles
"Chhiring wanted his tent golden yellow to honor the skin color of the Himalayan goddess, Miyo Losangma, who inhabits Mt. Everest. She is the goddess of prosperity and good fortune. For those who don’t offend her and are grateful, she is generous and giving. On the 20th anniversary of Chhiring’s first summit of Everest, his tents will stand apart for exhausted climbers and pay tribute to Miyo Losangma." Read the rest