Up the Coast We Go

The Campfire Chronicles
Loading up our old battle wagon, a 2000 Subaru pushing 220k adventurous miles, with all our equipment - surfboards, boogie boards, skimboards, skateboards, and camping gear - for a family of four plus two mini Australian Shepherds is a daunting task, but one that we do with pleasure. We know we're headed to sleep in the sand with the hum of the Pacific Ocean at our doorstep.  Read the rest

Our Commitment to the Trail

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
You probably know that the Continental Divide Trail is close to our hearts, and geographically it’s located right in our backyard. We found ourselves recreating on the CDT through enough summers to wonder how we could help maintain it. The first step was adopting a portion of the trail to call our own, then comes the responsibility of maintaining it. Read the rest