Backpacking Santa Rosa Island

Essays From the Field

Over a mile of solitude and white sand stretched in front of us as we settled on a place atop the sand dunes to eat lunch. My wife and I asked each other, “How is this California?” Our journey backpacking Santa Rosa Island was ending, but we couldn’t wait to …

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3 Reasons You Need a Tent Footprint

Dirtbag Dan

When shopping for a tent, you may come across messages like this:  

Most modern tents don’t come with a footprint by default. Why? To save ounces and keep weights lower. You don’t need a footprint to use a tent properly, but trust us, you’ll want one. Even the crustiest ultralight

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Partner Spotlight: Bluebird Backcountry

Sponsorship and Non-Profit

What’s the behind the scenes story of an education-focused backcountry ski area?

In the northern mountains of Colorado, a human-powered ski area was created to foster a safer environment for backcountry enthusiasts to ski, board, and learn all things touring. Avalanche-managed terrain, marked skin tracks, free bacon, and the perfect …

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