No Barriers: Blind Climber Trevor Hahn Summits Gokyo Ri

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
"No view could ever compare with the textures under my feet, the surrounding sounds, and the spiritual feeling I received from the Himalayan Giants around me. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to climb in the Himalayas, and I was not going to let my blindness be a barrier. Armed with two trekking poles and a bell to follow, I was part of a team on an epic journey to slay 17,575 ft. Gokyo Ri." Read the rest

Announcing Our Newest Ambassador, Tommy Danger

Company News
Today, Tommy runs a non-profit called More Than Just Me, where he uses a different array of adventures to drive awareness to causes around the world. His current project is More Than Just Mountains, where he is climbing the Seven Summits to shine a light on Cystic Fibrosis. Tommy lives to inspire, and we here at Big Agnes are constantly moved by his initiatives. We are honored and privileged to announce Tommy as our newest member of the Big Agnes Ambassador team. Read the rest

Loss Aversion: A California Coast Bikepacking Tale

Essays From the Field
"With limited options at 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve, I decided to pay a visit to the apartment complex’s garbage room, where I hoped to find materials to remedy this foolish mistake. I found a few size D batteries, which I fashioned to the sides of the pannier rack with electrical tape so the bags would have a larger margin of space from the wheel. The wider the rack, the further the panniers would lie from the wheel." Read the rest