Winter Camping Like a Pro

Essays From the Field

Winter camping isn’t as treacherous as you might imagine. If you pack the right gear and sustenance, and understand the basics of staking out a tent in the snow, you’ll be solid. Our best advice is to go with someone who’s done it before to really get your bearings within …

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The Story Behind the Story

Essays From the Field
How do you share your adventure stories with friends? Blogs, social media, good old fashioned around-the-campfire storytelling? When our friend Patrice La Vigne wrote and published her first travel memoir, Between Each Step: A Married Couple’s Thru Hike on New Zealand’s Te Araroa, we knew we had to get the story behind the story. Read the rest

Get the Girls Out! on International Women’s Day

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, SheJumps is hosting Get The Girls Out, a free virtual event starting March 5th through March 7th. Their goal is to get 10,000 women and girls outside, and they already have 700+ registered. We’re hoping this blog posts reaches more women and girls who will register for the event and stay connected and involved in the SheJumps community and mission. Read the rest

Love in the Backcountry

Stuff We Like
Little did we know, our wedding would be the last event many of our friends would attend before a year of social distancing kept us from our usual recreation schedule. Being quarantined as newlyweds for all those months felt similar to living in our Copper Spur on the AT all over again. Read the rest