Q & A with BA’s Sleeping Bag Design Queen, Sally Gentling

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Inevitably, when on a long hike I tend work through design problems. I have found that I tend to come up with my favorite ideas when I am moving around outside. Beyond thinking about how to make current gear better, it’s always an opportunity to unplug and soak up the inspiration the natural world can offer. This usually gives my mind the space to think of fresh ideas, especially two or three nights into a trip. Read the rest

100-Mile Wild – Part 1

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
Maine’s 100-Mile Wilderness (100MW), the most rugged and remote section of the Appalachian Trail (AT), lies a few hours north from my home in Portland. The plan is to be the first (likely) crew to travel the length of this section in one push in the winter. It’s kind of a hair-brained idea. Everyone I talk to thinks we’re nuts. We might be. Read the rest

“Lael Rides Alaska” Women’s Scholarship

Company News
The “Lael Rides Alaska” Women's Scholarship is available to one female rider who will design and ride a 1,000 mile route in Alaska during the summer of 2018. Based off of Lael Wilcox's 2017 summer project to ride all of the major roads in Alaska, this scholarship is intended to enable another woman to engage in her own bicycle adventure in Alaska. Read the rest

Kim Hess Bags Sixth of Seven Summit Challenge

The Campfire Chronicles
The days spent bogged down with weather were filled with coffee, napping, comedic banter, cutting snow blocks to build protective walls from the wind and using the leftover blocks to build sculptures - much like children on a snow day. Time ceased to have meaning in the disorienting 24-hours of daylight, making meals and bedtimes completely irrelevant. Read the rest

Employee Gear Picks

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Our philosophy going into 2018: Get outside as much as possible. OK, boss, you got it! Here’s a snapshot at what some of our employees have planned and what they’ll have in their pack, boat, or truck bed for the experience: Read the rest