Adventure Not War: Skiing Afghanistan

The Campfire Chronicles
"With no lift access anywhere in country—with the exception of an enterprising motorcycle owner, who with the help of long rope and a buried wheel barrow, created a mobile rope tow while we were there—everything is backcountry skiing. Turns out the skiing in Afghanistan, regardless of where you go, is pretty incredible. The history in Bamyan is also fascinating, but if you go to Afghanistan, go for the people who made this trip truly wonderful." Read the rest

Noah Wetzel Navigates Nepal and the Himalayas

Essays From the Field
One evening, with my tripod over my shoulder, I wandered alone underneath a full moon. Serenaded by the faint and distant jingle of Yak bells, I watched clouds crawl up and over the glacier moraine and dissipate into the flickering stars slowly rotating overhead. This moment I will never forget, and I will return to Nepal once again. Read the rest