The Odd Couple

The Campfire Chronicles
No I’m not talking about the hit TV show from the 70’s The Odd Couple, but my recent thru-hike of the John Muir Trail (JMT). Hiking with your complete opposite isn’t easy, but that’s what I basically did.   Read the rest

A Return to the Backcountry

Essays From the Field

Our group of seven converged from many different states out onto the dirt at the junction of Mineral Bottom Road and the 313 in Utah. We set out on October 10th, intending for three nights camping and four days of biking. The White Rim in Canyonlands National Park seemed like …

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Moments Between

Essays From the Field
A sage backcountry skier advises the novice to look for opportunity over obstacle; turn away from the trees, look instead at the space between. The eyes see the opportunity and the brain instructs the body to follow.  Whoosh, down you go, soft powder replacing hesitation. Read the rest