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We’re firm believers that each of us is born into this crazy world as a dirtbag. Our ancestors hiked and camped and spent time around campfires to survive, while for most of us, these activities are something we long for while sitting in front of brightly lit screens. Accurate maps coupled with high-resolution landscape images, fast moving cars and soft skin on the pads of our feet make us victims, in a certain sense, of our own collective success as humans. ‘Roughing it’ is something you do for fun on your vacation time. Help us change that!

Commit to changing your outlook this year. Spend another night out in the backcountry. Dare yourself to wait another day to take a shower at the campground and head for the lake instead. Disregard your own foul odor on your next backpacking trip and walk barefoot through the mud. Spend a few weeknights this summer camping with the kids in the backyard. In short, get in touch with your inner dirtbag. We design our products to meet your gear needs – durable, lightweight, comfortable – so we commit to another banner year of flying the flag and testing the products we make. From staff campouts up Seedhouse road to our annual dealer camp where we hike to the summit of Big Agnes with influential outdoor store staff, we promise to get after it too.

Find the dirtbag within this year. Now go sleep in the dirt!

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