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New Year’s resolutions – do people still make those? Whether you do or you don’t, we all know that from mid-December to mid-January, people are asking, “What are your New Year’s resolutions?”

At Big Agnes, we resolve for more adventure. What that looks like, we don’t know yet. But we do know that it starts now, from that fat bike lunch ride, to the mid-week micro adventures and weekend overnight; 2021 will be a year committed to getting after it, however we can.

There’s no right or wrong way to make a resolution, and in 2021 – anything goes. To keep you stoked with inspiration for a new year, full of adventure, we asked our Big Agnes ambassadors and athletes what goals and resolutions they have brewing for 2021.

Jason Schlarb, Pro Mountain Runner & Adventure Film Producer @jasonschlarb – “I resolve to be more optimistic in 2021. To celebrate our world and how lucky we are to have opportunities to go outside and experience wild places alone or with others.  Cheers to optimism, appreciating, preserving and protecting wildlands.”

Ann Driggers

Ann Driggers, Adventurer @anndriggers – “2020 has been a rough year for most and I have strived to remain optimistic when it was too easy to fall into the doldrums. In 2021 I aim to keep this positivity going, ensuring that I emerge from the darkness of this past year with the same zest for life, and in particular the natural world that I had before. This means continuing to spend as much time as possible outdoors, sleeping beneath the stars, adventuring on bikes, skis, skates or on foot and sharing those experiences through, hopefully inspirational, photography and the written word.”

Justin Reiter

Justin Reiter, Pro Snowboarder, Adventurer @justin_reiter – “2020 has certainly provided us with a fair share of adversity. From raging forest fires to a global pandemic and all those murder hornets in between; it’s been a unique lap around the sun. However, it has provided more time, closer to the ones we love and ample time for reflection.  Just as a forest fire burns in order to allow for regrowth, and the passing of others offers the gift of remembrance to those who remain, my resolution is to be resilient.  I hope to see opportunities rather than obstacles. I hope to find grit within myself rather than wallow in the muck. I hope.”

Tommy Danger, Adventure Dude @adudeandhiscamera – “I hope to maintain patience with life, family, love, and adventure throughout the upcoming year. Giving without thought of receiving, loving those that despise, and allowing myself to grow within through knowledge and failures.”

Cherise Tuttle

Cherise Tuttle, Adventurer @cherisetuts – “I want to use my time more wisely choosing to read books rather than scroll social media and get outside regardless of the weather to maintain health in all aspects. I would like to take at least two mountain safety courses throughout the year to continue gaining knowledge of the world I work and play in. I would like to be more intentional with my time and learn to rest better on my days off. I would like to sleep outside at least once a month and create monthly mountain goals that feel daunting to push myself to overcome fears and insecurities.”

Ben Weaver, Songwriter and Poet @benweavermusic – “In 2021 I do not want to “crush” anything, rather I want to expand. My limits. My compassion. My sense of kin and community to all living beings; rock, river, tree, turtle, human. To expand my capacity to heal the wounds carried in my white body so that I can better show up to actively help create embodied antiracist and anti-human supremacist culture that reaches beyond theory and strategy. To remember that, what the moon is showing us, is the sun at night!”

How to make your own resolutions for adventure in 2021:

  • Get Nostalgic. Take a look back at your calendar, or just scroll through the photos on your phone from the past year. What were the highlights, low points, and lessons you learned? By reflecting on your journey so far, you’ll be able to navigate the future with more clarity.
  • Dip a Toe. Are there things in 2021 you want to start doing, or do more of? Are there things you want to do less of? Prioritize the things that are essential to helping you feel the way you want to feel in 2021; stoked, patient, healthy, connected, resilient, optimistic.
  • Map it Out. Start planning that spring bike trip now by saving, training, and preparing what you can. If you have a weekly, monthly, or seasonal goal – put those deadlines on your calendar, in ink – not pencil, and resolve to hold yourself accountable.
  • Send It. Need some help turning your resolutions into reality? There are countless social groups, volunteer opportunities, grant applications and ways to make your adventures come to life. Consider a seasonal work opportunity in a new location, or stay close to home and organize your own community outreach program or join one you already follow. This year, do something that matters for yourself, and for others in the spirit of adventure.

Now we have to ask, what are your New Year’s resolutions for 2021? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 responses

  1. TwoDogs

    I plan to have at least 4 backpacking trips with either friends or solo. Either one, I will have my 4-legged partners with me.

    I have my BA pad and sleeping bag, and my BA tent.

    PCT – TwoDogs

    1. admin

      That’s all you need! Awesome, hope you’re able to stick with it, your 4-legged partners will be stoked!
      Cheers to 2021!

  2. Bryan Thomson

    Great set of advice and structure for approaching the new year. I’m going to:

    1) build a garden with my wife, 3-year old, and let our new baby watch

    (GN=new baby and new house)(DT=never gardened on my own, just watch my mom as a kid)(Map=drew plans on paper last Saturday)(Send It=Photos to come, but commitment is made)

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