Sleep In The Dirt

Midweek Micro-Adventure to Fuel the Soul

The Campfire Chronicles

It was a Friday kind of Wednesday, loaded for fun rather than speed. In the late evening after work we rolled along on a tight single track through luminous tunnels in the forest. Reaching our destination at a spacious grassy meadow we stowed our bikes against the aspens and pitched our tents.

We rode into the mountains for exactly this reason; to kick back and watch the planets twinkle, to let ourselves be lulled to sleep by the sound of rustling leaves as space bloomed with stars above.

In the early morning, we emerge from our tents. A frost, the first of the early fall, has surrounded our camp site and my hands struggle to light my stove. I quickly pack up camp, while nursing my coffee. By 7:30 a.m. I have thrown my leg over my bike and am headed back into town. Despite the cold, a big grin spreads across my face as I ride down the trail we climbed barely 12 hours ago. I am reminded yet again that the best commute is always after a night spent camping under the stars. There are seven days in the week, not all adventures need to happen on the weekend.


Normally a weekend warrior, Ann Driggers has found a short and simple midweek micro-adventure to be a refreshing and rewarding way to incorporate more of the outdoors into her work week in Aspen, Colorado.

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