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In Honor of Cody Tuttle

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Cody and I spent the last 9 years building a life together based off of adventure, media, and working to leave the world a better place. This fall, Malcom Wood, a good friend and producer of The Last Glaciers documentary, asked if I’d like to travel to Nepal with the production team. I knew it would be an emotional experience given the history Cody and I had in Nepal, but I couldn’t imagine a better place to be. Cody had been working with this team for the last 3 years creating a documentary highlighting climate change and its impact on the mountains. 

To see projects that Cody was so passionate about come to fruition is the greatest way of continuing his legacy. His trip to the Brooks Range only a month before his passing was far deeper than the grand adventure of hiking and paragliding across one of Alaska’s most remote and breathtaking locations, it served a greater purpose of bringing awareness to the preservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  

Cody’s presence here is greatly missed by many, but his influence on the world around us will live on as we continue to explore the mountains that he loved.

About Cherise Tuttle: Executive Director of Inverted Life a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2019 . Cody and Cherise Tuttle traveled the world seeking adventure and different perspectives. Together, they told the stories of the voiceless, created captivating media and partnered with inspiring world-changers. Follow Cherise on Instagram @cherisetuts

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