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A few weeks back, before the snow really took off, we paused for a moment to catch up as friends, not coworkers, and enjoy some home cooked goodies. Some smoked turkey, about 5 types of stuffing, some greens and way too many desserts. We purposely did this before things got too busy. The hectic holidays were right around the corner along with the deep, cold snow that we all want and then curse at as we scrape off our car windows after work.

Oh, the Holidays – What do the holidays look like at Big Agnes?

Similar to what you see in the movies, maybe – not really – OK, nothing like ‘em. The holiday season around here is kinda like a shot of Wild Turkey next to the campfire on a cool June evening. It bites back a bit. We’re all working to wrap up a solid year worth of work, racing to get our kids to all their parties and practices, trying to take a few moments with our families and where the real conflict comes in is finding time to get on the hill with skis, fat bikes, snow shoes and a few of our best friends. It’s the internal conflict of having way too many things to do and not enough time in the day – wish the day was 30 hours long with 20 hours of light – wouldn’t that be nice. You could say that holidays around here are kinda like Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, except we abide by the National Forest Guidelines and pull permits for Christmas tree gathering.

In reality, the company parking lot is usually never full this time of year. Employees are motivated to get to their desks but also drawn outside by the multitude of distractions. There’s the pre-dawn group that can be found behind headlamps charging uphill in search of fresh lines. There’s also the group that gets in a pre-work spin class at the gym and then soaks in our local hot springs to prepare for a solid day at the office. Others are racing around town with a coffee in hand taking their kids to school or feeding horses, mules, and the occasional cow. Throughout the day a fresh pot of coffee is kept on heavy rotation and cup by cup it disappears almost faster than we can make it.

Undoubtedly, the chaos of our everyday life spills into the holiday season, where we attempt to tie up loose ends and vow to be more organized in the New Year. At Big Agnes, we obsess over camp gear all year. Its always on our mind, even in the dark of winter we’re thinking about our Spring camping trips to the western Colorado desert in search of warm sun rays and perfect single track. As you’re doing your thing in your little slice of the world this holiday, we ask that you take a moment to catch your breath, look outside and think about places to go and adventures to come. Maybe it’s that backpack trip you’ve been planning or the spring road trip you keep putting off that might just happen in 2020. Whatever it may be – in the dark of winter think about summer to bring a soft smile to your face. A summer filled with campsites, sunsets, a possible brown liquor bite and of course sleeping in the dirt.

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