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Get the Girls Out! on International Women’s Day

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
Photo: Eight SheJumps women, geared out with snowshoes and trekking poles, pose for a photo at the 2019 event.

International Women’s Day is coming up March 8th, and our non-profit partner SheJumps is celebrating with a virtual event you won’t want to miss. After having to cancel many of their events starting last March, SheJumps took the 2020 summer to refocus their priorities and come up with new ways to impact even more women and girls located in regions where they lack a physical presence.

If you’re not familiar with SheJumps – their programs are designed to increase participation of women and girls in outdoor activities. If you or someone you know wants to get involved in the outdoors and you don’t know where to start, SheJumps will help you safely take those first steps through a wide variety of outdoor activities ranging from wilderness survival and mountaineering to technical maintenance and skill-building clinics in a range of disciplines. Their mission is to foster confidence, leadership, and connection to nature and community through free and low-cost outdoor education.

Photo: SheJumps participants snowshow along a snow covered path lined with pine trees.

Big Agnes has partnered with SheJumps since 2015 and we continue to support their mission, serving girls ages six and up, and women 18 and older who either have never participated in outdoor activities or are active members of the outdoor community looking to give back and share their passion. Over the years, we’ve provided gear for SheJumps participants on Wild Skill overnight programs like Summer Camps and donated our gear as prizes to raise funds that will help expand and grow the SheJumps mission.

Earlier this year, they recruited (and doubled) the SheJumps volunteer roster and are now training to bring more regional programming to the community. In hopes of reaching even more women and girls, they will continue to grow their online programming, featuring series such as “Calling Women In” which spotlights women with careers in outdoor fields, and the new “Getting Started” series which is specifically designed for beginners in the outdoors. The event we’re stoked about right now is the “Get the Girls Out” free virtual event to which we’ve donated some awesome prizes.

Photo: Two SheJumps women hike up a snow covered mountain with snowboards in tow.

International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, SheJumps is hosting Get The Girls Out, a free virtual event starting March 5th through March 7th. Their goal is to get 10,000 women and girls outside, and they already have 700+ registered. We’re hoping this blog posts reaches more women and girls who will register for the event and stay connected and involved in the SheJumps community and mission.

Photo: SheJumps participant sticks out her tongue playfully at the photographer, while hiking uphill with her snowboard.

How to Participate

It’s painless and easy to register through the link below. You’ll download a free app and participate in a digital scavenger hunt that consists of various “missions” to earn points. You can join from anywhere – all you need is a phone and access to get outside, whether that’s on skis, on the trail, at a nearby park, or just in your backyard.

              1. Register for the event.
              2. You’ll receive an email with the details to play
              3. Download Goosechase app.
              4. Enter game code (emailed to you on March 5th)
              5. Complete the missions using the Goosechase app
              6. Have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and enter to win prizes!

The “missions” throughout the event teach foundational outdoor skills and mental fitness, with tutorial videos and challenges from amazing women leaders, guides, athletes, social entrepreneurs, and activists. Pretty cool, right?

Photos: Three SheJumps women dressed in animal-onesies and ski boots, smile for the camera at the 2019 event.

How to Win Big Agnes Gear

By registering for the event, you’re automatically entered to win prizes from all of the SheJumps partners. The more points you earn, the bigger prizes you could win, including the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2 Solution Dye Tent and our new Women’s Sidewinder SL 20˚.

It Only Gets Better

2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of Get the Girls Out programs at SheJumps. Typically a spring event hosted at ski resorts around the country, this year is the first time they’re offering participation virtually, so there’s no excuse not to join in. We hope you’ll share this information with a friend, sign up and get involved!

Photo: SheJumps participants and volunteers huddle for a photo at the 2019 event.

About SheJumps: Founded in 2008 by Claire Smallwood, Lynsey Dyer, and Vanessa Pierce. As they looked around, 13 years ago, they noticed a gap in women representation, specifically in the ski industry. Over the years, SheJumps has expanded to impact thousands of women and girls teaching beginner to expert curriculum. Even after more than a decade, we still see a huge misrepresentation of women and girls across the outdoor industry.

SheJumps was founded on the idea of gender equity, but we’re constantly re-evaluating how our mission and programs impact all women and girls, specifically underrepresented groups and marginalized populations. The outdoors are a place for amazing personal transformation, but getting there can be challenging, expensive, and scary. Using diversity, equity, and inclusion as a lens for our programs, we are really excited to build more beginner programs and expand scholarship opportunities, such as our Snowpack Scholarship where 50% of all scholarships go to Black, Indigenous, Women of Color. This spring, we are also launching a Wilderness First Aid Scholarship for women along the same lines as Snowpack. Anyone can donate to the scholarship by going to and selecting “First Aid Scholarship for BIPOC Women.”

Get involved

You can get involved with SheJumps at all levels to make a difference in igniting human potential through outdoor play.

              1. Subscribe to our email newsletters.
              2. Donate to help SheJumps continue our impactful work to empower women and girls
              3. Join your regional team–applications open once a year.
              4. Become a volunteer!
              5. Contribute: Have a fun SheJumps story? Share it with the team as a blog post or by tagging @SheJumps on social media.

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