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Gear Review: Big Agnes Little Red

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Join Adventuresome Sprout and learn why getting your tot a sleeping bag can help them stay toasty warm, and help give you a better night sleep.


“I know some people have claimed that a toddler sleeping bag is unnecessary, and if you only camp in warmer weather, than that is probably true, but if you camp with a toddler in the spring and fall or at high altitudes when the night temperatures may drop substantially, then I personally think a toddler sleeping bag is a good idea… having a good night’s sleep is crucial for enjoying your camping trip and helping your sprout stay toasty warm will help you all get a better night’s sleep…the pad does a great job keeping hre in place and warm. We are so happy with this bag!”

Read more of the review from Jacqui and Aaron to learn why the Little Red comes out ahead.


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