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Working at Big Agnes is probably a lot like what you’d imagine: Company-wide campouts and backpacking trips with staff and owners alike jockeying for position around the campfire while talking smack and sharing Top Ramen. Gear testing missions take us out of our comfort zone and into remote sections of the wilderness area just outside of Steamboat. Access to a quiver of gear essentials for every trip from multi-day raft trips, high-alpine basecamp setups, to weekends at the group site where we live under sea of Big Agnes logos gives us the chance to be the first to give product feedback to our development team. Our philosophy going into 2018: Get outside as much as possible. OK, boss, you got it! Here’s a snapshot at what some of our employees have planned and what they’ll have in their pack, boat, or truck bed for the experience.

Andrea – Accounting

Dream Island


Flying Diamond 4

Every spring we love to head to the Green River to catch the Blue Wing Olive hatch. And every spring it will snow, rain or shine, never know which. Luckily this tent is burly enough to take whatever weather we end up camping in. The crappier the weather, the better; the bugs love the bad weather.

And this tent lets us sprawl out and sleep with our two huskies that have their own little camp beds… Although they always end up on the Dream Island with us. Dang dogs.

Rose – Sales

Sidney SL

Insulated AXL Pad

Silk Liner

I’m so glad my son fell in love with bikepacking! Our family is already planning trips on the Colorado Trail. I love how the Sydney SL bag gives me a secure pad sleeve along with a fully insulated, super comfy mummy shape with the ability to snug it up close to keep me warm at night. No question I’ll be using the new Insulated AXL pad, as you absolutely can’t beat the lightweight and uber-small packed size, which will be very welcome as we pack up our bikes! I might sneak in our new Silk Liner if the temps look chillier at night. I will be sleeping in deluxe comfort and NOT paying for it in weight, size, or bulk. Let’s go!

Paige – Product Development

Kids’ Duster

Titan 4 mtnGLO

Tiger Wall UL3

Titan Accessory Vestibule

We plan on getting out with our little girl a lot this spring, break ‘em in early, right? We’ll like head to Curt Gowdy State Park in Wyoming this spring and then once the snow melts we have several Flat Tops campsites we frequent, but I’m not allowed to disclose their locations. 😉

The Kids’ Duster sleeping bag is high on our list because it will fit our daughter now using the sizing clips, and we can expand the bag as she grows. Spacious tents and mtnGLO® are musts for car camping, and the Titan 4 mtnGLO® can be used for shade as a shelter or like a traditional tent. Plus, the Titan adds tons of dry storage space for bikes, coolers or whatever. I have to mention the Tiger Wall UL3 because we may venture into backpacking with our little one and will definitely need the two doors for easy in-and-out access and two vestibules to again, put all the “whatever’ that comes along with a 3-year old.

Sally – Product Development

Roxy Ann


Q-Core Deluxe

Deep Creek Tarp


Willow Pullover

Big House 4 Deluxe

I can’t wait to sleep on my raft in my Roxy Ann or the new Picket stretch mummy. Both have really buttery soft, and quiet fabric. I love the Q-Core Deluxe and will never leave home without a Pumphouse to fill it. In case it rains and on-boat sleeping isn’t the best option, I’ll be bringing the Big House 4 Deluxe, and a Deep Creek Tarp with the new Leaf Print design. Oh, and the Willow Pullover, which makes for a really comfy, easy-to-wear lightweight layer, which I seem to be wearing all the time under my life jacket on spring trips when the breeze off the newly melted water is often frigid.

Garret – Marketing

Copper Spur HV UL2

Copper Hotel Fly



Third Degree Pad

This summer my son and I will be backpacking and camping at various locations in Colorado and Utah. He’ll hike his first 14’er and spend his first night under the stars without a tent. Our go-to gear for comfort and weight savings are: Copper Spur HV UL2 – might include the Hotel Fly when we take the dog. AXL Pads and Yampa Bags -that’s right, we’ll match with our awesome summer-temp set up for backpacking. And, of course, the Third Degree pad – essentially weightless and I always find a use for it.

Nikki – Customer Service

Beryl SL

Third Degree Hiking Seat

Our System bags are fantastic for a starfish sleeper! However, I don‘t starfish – I crawl into my sleeping bag, assume the mummy position or my side, and I‘m out. The Beryl SL 0 degree bag is a hybrid bag of our traditional mummy style bags which have insulation all the way around and our sleep System bags with the pad sleeve attached to the underside of the bag. The reason I’m so excited about this bag is that it also has a REM pad sleeve – a removable/attachable pad sleeve (that also doubles as a storage bag) so you still have the convenience of not slipping off your sleeping pad. The other item that has caught my eye isn’t our most expensive or the most necessary, but as an avid backcountry adventurer it will be a product in my pack to provide additional comfort – the Third Degree Hiking Seat. No more frozen behind when sitting down on the snow for a snack or taking the skins off your board/skis. This all-foam seat/pad packs up super light and small but offers great insulation properties.

Andy – Customer Service

King Solomon


Q-Core SLX


I fell in love with the King Solomon doublewide sleeping bag last summer. This past August my girlfriend agreed to join me on a backpacking trip I had planned to the Flat Tops. Her past experience backpacking with me prompted her to make two conditions for this trip: We had to eat real food rather than dehydrated meals, and I had to make sure she wouldn’t be shivering at night instead of sleeping. My own self-inflicted requirement was for a sleep system for both of us that I could carry myself so she would have space in her pack for some extra food and any additional comfort items she would want to have handy. The King Solomon weighs 4 lb 8 oz, and with compression straps it’ll pack down to 8” x 9”, which is smaller than my solo Encampment sleeping bag that’s also rated at 15 degrees. Add 32 oz for two Q-Core SLX pads, and I had a bed for both of us that filled less than half my pack. That left plenty of space for me to carry most of the tent as well as both of our Shovelhead jackets, and she was left carrying the stakes and steaks. This got my favorite person into my favorite weekend activity — that’s a huge win in my book. We’re planning a few longer backpacking trips for this summer.

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