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A roving lifestyle is something of an exception in today’s world where a majority of people are looking for the opposite, more stability and certainty in their daily lives. For Florian, a 27-year-old Frenchman, this lifestyle means living in a home which is put up and taken down each day, but with an opportunity to discover new areas of the world and the beautiful landscapes along the way. 

Home for the night in São Vicente, Cape Verde

In his tent, Florian feels most at home, like the bedroom from his childhood. At times, he has even refused generous offers for a comfortable bed in preference for pitching a tent just outside instead. In a way, this has helped him find that stability we all crave in an uncertain world. 

Waking up each day in new and different place has kept Florian on the go throughout his mission, a three-year trek around the world he calls a “cyCLEAN Trip” with the intention to expose and educate communities to the reality of the waste and litter that line the streets and parks in their own backyard. 

Small actions = BIG impact

One day he’s traveling through a mountain valley or in a desert, the next he’s settling in for the night on the beach or sheltered from the weather within the deteriorating walls of an abandoned building. By traveling in this way, Florian has witnessed the unfortunate commonality of endless waste on the roadside. Every day of his journey, he collects tons of waste along the way, weighing each bag of rubbish and then sorting it for trash and recycling before he pedals on to the next stop.  

Presentation at one of several schools along the route in Costa Rica

Florian works remotely to arrange presentations with schools along his route. Using photos and videos, as upsetting as they may be, he shares the stories from what he has witnessed to educate the communities on the issue of litter. Florian also connects with local associations, businesses and people who work to improve waste management to discuss how to reduce the scale of problem. His efforts in waste collection and education have inspired these communities to carry out similar actions and programs of their own. 

Working with local waste management associations along the way

The road ahead is still long, and currently on hold due to the global pandemic and travel restrictions, but Florian will not stop pedaling for this purpose. When his mission resumes, he is looking forward to the folding and unfolding of his tent each day, adapting to new environments, and experiencing more of the world’s culture in the process.  

Learn more about Florian on his website where he actively shares his discoveries and adventures from his trip around the world.

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  1. Downtown Steamboat

    Awesome inspiration! Now that many of us have time for extra walks and bike ride, why don’t we take the opportunity to collect roadside litter from our own neighborhoods and county roads? I’ve been doing just that on my dog walks. I don’t know if anyone notices, but it makes me feel better about my awesome neighborhood in my awesome town.

  2. Adrock

    A truly inspirational mission, beautiful in its simplicity, results that appear in real time before your eyes, educational by demonstration and feel good rewarding.
    Getting back in step with nature during this period of isolation, planting, recycling, foraging and tending, I feel confident will re set our sense of our place and responsibility in this world. Bravo Florian

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