Sleep In The Dirt

Home Away from Home

The Campfire Chronicles
"I’ve always had a craving for the solitude and peace I feel in the wild with no one around. I spent my summers as a teenager fly fishing alone in the random, quite areas of Utah’s mountains and desert streams. I love sharing similar moments with my kids. Even more, I love giving them the chance to, hopefully, feel that same awesome feeling of stillness when they're out and away from it all." Read the rest

Kim Hess Bags Sixth of Seven Summit Challenge

The Campfire Chronicles
The days spent bogged down with weather were filled with coffee, napping, comedic banter, cutting snow blocks to build protective walls from the wind and using the leftover blocks to build sculptures - much like children on a snow day. Time ceased to have meaning in the disorienting 24-hours of daylight, making meals and bedtimes completely irrelevant. Read the rest

Big Agnes Athlete Douglas Hurdle Completes Thru-hiking Triple Crown

The Campfire Chronicles
The Continental Divide Trail, often called  “the big one” by hopeful triple crowners, is not only the longest of the three at over 3,000 miles, but with a slogan of “embrace the brutality” thru-hikers know it is going to be a tough hike. The CDT stretches from Canada to Mexico following the backbone of America through the Rocky Mountains. The trail starts in Montana before traversing through Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and finally finishing up in New Mexico. The trail climbs to high alpine peaks, goes down to the desert floor and everything in between.   Read the rest