Sleep In The Dirt

Making Memories in Volcanoes National Park

Stuff We Like

by: Gretchen Powers

When I think about the summers of my youth, camping was always a part of the picture. Sticky fingers from s’mores, creaky backs from sleeping on the ground and the smell of campfire smoke that would permeate my curly hair for weeks. Whether car camping in Colorado …

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Make It An Adventure And Go For The SKT

Essays From the Field

The Slowest Known Time

Drawn to the red dirt of the American Southwest, we are on a road trip around Moab, UT checking out national parks, rock climbing, skinny dipping, and playing in the canyons. While driving to the southern entrance to Canyonlands, I couldn’t resist the urge to attempt

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Goosenest Development to Dirt 

Product Reviews


The Goosenest Gets You Up Off The Ground

If you’ve been camping in the dirt for a few decades like we have, being a little further off the ground can be nice. Cots have historically been heavy, unstable, and bulky making it more challenging to include them in your …

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