Sleep In The Dirt

How Conditions on the CDT Converted Me Back to a Mummy-Style Sleeping Bag

Product Reviews
"I climbed into the Orno and was immediately glad I’d decided to make the switch. Aside from being rated 10 degrees warmer than the quilt, the design of the bag made it one of the most comfortable night's sleep I’d had on the trail up to that point. I thought I’d find the tapered mummy design restrictive, but I found it roomy. The 3D foot box meant my feet could stretch out and move around freely." Read the rest

The Evolution of a Thru-Hiker’s Gear

Essays From the Field
Only after endless nights of sleeping in the dirt and becoming a true “dirtbag” did I find out that what you leave at home is almost more important than what you take with you. You cannot figure that out until you have hiked thousands of miles and learned what you are comfortable living without.  Read the rest

“Bomber” Luggage Review from BA Ambassador, Justin Reiter

Product Reviews
As for durability, these bags have gone from my home in Steamboat, CO to India, back to the US, Italy, back to the US, to Italy again, back to Steamboat, to the Czech Republic, Austria, Ukraine, Slovenia, back to Austria, back to Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, back to Steamboat, Korea, Japan, back to Korea, back to Steamboat, back to Germany, Switzerland, back to Austria, Northern Germany, and while I’m writing this back to Austria all with ZERO issues, tears, zipper blowouts, or wheels blowing off! Read the rest