Sleep In The Dirt

The Rally Through The Rain: Hiking Mount Elbert

The Campfire Chronicles
"We planned to start our ascent of Mt. Elbert at 7:00 am. Late by 14er standards--but getting a group of 19 to mobilize early (or on time) is like herding cats. It had rained all night, and at one point, we had a small river in front of and under our tent...I will admit, with this downpour I began to question if I did well enough to keep myself and all our media guests from getting washed away." Read the rest

SOS Outreach: Inspiring Youth Through Outdoor Adventures

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
With a brief window between winter and summer programming, the SOS team is currently hard at work making preparations for the upcoming season. First on the schedule is the annual Fourth-grade Colorado National Monument trips for nearly 220 Eagle County youth. Throughout the month of May, seven local fourth grades will participate in four-day, three-night camping, hiking, and rock climbing experiences. This trip allows students to visit the Colorado National Monument, explore local museums, and study the geology and natural history of Colorado while enjoying the outdoors. Read the rest