Sleep In The Dirt

Beyond My Own Four Walls

The Campfire Chronicles
As a Big Agnes ambassador, I jumped on board the whole #campfromhome idea, although to be honest, it seemed quite trivial when some heavier issues were transpiring rapidly in our world. I figured going through the motions couldn’t hurt, so I grabbed a tent and set it up.. Read the rest

The Odd Couple

The Campfire Chronicles
No I’m not talking about the hit TV show from the 70’s The Odd Couple, but my recent thru-hike of the John Muir Trail (JMT). Hiking with your complete opposite isn’t easy, but that’s what I basically did.   Read the rest

Chhiring Dorje Sherpa and the Evolution of the Battle Mountain Tent

The Campfire Chronicles
"Chhiring wanted his tent golden yellow to honor the skin color of the Himalayan goddess, Miyo Losangma, who inhabits Mt. Everest. She is the goddess of prosperity and good fortune. For those who don’t offend her and are grateful, she is generous and giving. On the 20th anniversary of Chhiring’s first summit of Everest, his tents will stand apart for exhausted climbers and pay tribute to Miyo Losangma." Read the rest