Sleep In The Dirt

sh*t happens – we’re here to help

Stuff We Like
Our Customer Service and Repair Technicians are a big chunk of the crew here in Steamboat. Although these guys and gals are the friendliest, most helpful and talented people in their field, we hope you’ve never had to interact with them. That’s only because we want your gear to be bulletproof and last through the seasons, but we know that is not always possible. Things beyond our control, and yours happen every day out there on the trail, in the dirt and even at home where you’d think your gear would be safe, right?  Read the rest

Best of Big Agnes, Uncut

Stuff We Like
Filming product video is not as easy as it looks, and after watching our blooper reel, you’ll start to understand why. We solicit talent from our own pool of employees, no one here is a model, actor or wants to be. In fact, we mostly bribe our co-workers... Read the rest

Holidays at Big Agnes Headquarters

Stuff We Like
The holiday season around here is kinda like a shot of Wild Turkey next to the campfire on a cool June evening. It bites back a bit. We’re all working to wrap up a solid year worth of work, racing to get our kids to all their parties and practices, trying to take a few moments with our families and where the real conflict comes in is finding time to get on the hill with skis, fat bikes, snow shoes and a few of our best friends. Read the rest

Noah Wetzel Navigates Nepal and the Himalayas

Essays From the Field
One evening, with my tripod over my shoulder, I wandered alone underneath a full moon. Serenaded by the faint and distant jingle of Yak bells, I watched clouds crawl up and over the glacier moraine and dissipate into the flickering stars slowly rotating overhead. This moment I will never forget, and I will return to Nepal once again. Read the rest