Sleep In The Dirt

Building a Memorial and Bikepacking the Impassible in Pakistan

Essays From the Field
We’d been on the Choktoi Glacier deep in the Karakorum Mountains of Pakistan for about a week, building a memorial for two departed climbing friends and boyfriends. Our basecamp was at about 14,000-feet in elevation, and slowly our bodies began to adapt to the shortness of breath and thin air. The locals--every single one of them--while all super nice, felt the need to tell us that bikes have never been up to into the mountains. We soon found out why. Read the rest

Road Trippin’ Roan

Stuff We Like
"Roan is now 13, and along with traditional holidays, she also celebrates equinox and solstice.  While her peers saturate Instagram, Roan marks these calendar transitions with revolving and exciting adventures. Spring flows into river trips and rock climbing; summertime brings road trips and backpacks. Her perspective is still very much about the moment, the action, and the fun.  We head out the door and she is pleased." Read the rest

Training for Iceland along the mighty, muddy Rio Grande

Stuff We Like
"Morale still high and smiles in abundance - till we ran out of water. I could see that river in the distance, but it was increasingly clear that our route wasn't going to bring us to it. It had come time to make the decision to leave our bikes, and carry backpacks, bottles, bladders and the filter to the Rio. An hour later I'm opening up the gravity filter and realize it's missing the "clean" bladder. Minor inconvenience - we'll use other bladders and bottles..." Read the rest