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Get the Girls Out! on International Women’s Day

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, SheJumps is hosting Get The Girls Out, a free virtual event starting March 5th through March 7th. Their goal is to get 10,000 women and girls outside, and they already have 700+ registered. We’re hoping this blog posts reaches more women and girls who will register for the event and stay connected and involved in the SheJumps community and mission. Read the rest

Grounds Keepers “Leave it Better”

Sponsorship and Non-Profit

Since the founding of the program in 2017, the Grounds Keepers have collected over 17,000 pounds of trash that have been removed from trails, parks and waterways. The goal of the program is to “Leave it Better”, and with the help of dedicated, eager individuals, the Grounds Keepers impact has …

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