Sleep In The Dirt

Hut Trippin’ on Boreas Pass

Essays From the Field

One of the reasons I love being in the outdoors is that I’m afforded the time to unplug and think without the distractions of technology. Normally I feel like I’m at home in the mountains, but this time I was feeling very much outside my element. I was determined to …

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Comforting Athletes and Making Friends in Big Agnes Apparel

Essays From the Field
"Most ski/snowboard bums would probably have talked about the fantastic places each of them were going to ski or ride, but the three of us talked about materials, patterns, zipper placements, and durability of goods. It was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had while boarding a plane, and certainly one of the most educational. It changed my perspective on the outerwear Big Agnes offers, enlightened me to the huge research and development efforts, and enhanced my relationship with the company through understanding." Read the rest

Big Agnes on Denali

Essays From the Field
"Spending two or three weeks on a high-altitude arctic mountain does not need to be uncomfortable. When you have a cozy jacket and bed it makes all the discomforts of mountaineering a little more manageable." Read the rest

“Life is Good” Backpacking with a Four Year Old

Essays From the Field
"After some exploring with headlamps around the nearby lake it was time for bed and jammies. I brought a couple of Ivy’s paperback books to read, and it was lights out for a super tired kid. I was eventually joined under our tarp by my friends, and we talked into the night about the day and how lucky we are to live here and have little girls to do this stuff with." Read the rest

A Journey Along the High Country Loop

Essays From the Field
"Even though nothing had changed, I felt as if I had changed. Or at least the way I thought about adventure had changed. Slowly, I was coming to the realization that I don't need to go to some far-off land or spend months out on the trail to find adventure. My two goals had been to find adventure and rediscover my home. Through the High Country Loop’s tough terrain and journey of the unknown, I was able to get that sense of adventure I was seeking." Read the rest