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Camping and S’mores; Like PB & J

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We reached out to our co-workers from our sister company at Honey Stinger to put together their best recipes for the ultimate waffle s’mores. Although there are widespread fire bans already in place this season, for those areas who are able to enjoy the creature comfort of a campfire, make sure to experiment with the most over-the-top s’more ingredients available. You’ll never go back to the standard–trust us!

Nothings says summer like a campfire. We love ending a long summer’s day around a campfire, sharing stories with friends and family while roasting marshmallows for s’mores. So, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite s’more tips and tricks for you to try out at your next bonfire.

The Waffle S’more Sandwich

It’s an easy swap. Upgrade graham crackers for your favorite Honey Stinger waffle. Honey Stinger waffles are delicious, and adding marshmallows and chocolate between them makes them that much better. Two of our favorite flavors to use for s’mores are Gluten Free Vanilla & Chocolate and Gluten Free Salted Caramel. If you want to stick to a more traditional taste, the Honey and the Gluten Free Wildflower Honey waffles are for you.

Ultimate Gooey Goodness

When making a waffle s’more, this is a must. Start by warming the waffle and chocolate by the fire while roasting your marshmallow. You can easily do this by placing a rock inside the fire ring, close to the fire’s heat. Before you start roasting your marshmallow, balance your waffle and chocolate on the rock. When your marshmallow is done, the softened waffle and melted chocolate will be ready to combine for the perfect s’more.

Taco S’more 

Two waffles make a s’more sandwich, and one waffle creates a s’more taco. Once your marshmallow is perfectly roasted, use one warmed waffle and chocolate (see Ultimate Gooey Goodness tip above) to fold around the marshmallow. Remove it from the roasting stick, and your taco s’more is ready to go. Once you’ve given it a moment to cool, eat up and enjoy!

Grilled S’mores

Go a step further and transform your s’more into a grilled s’more by wrapping the ingredients in tinfoil. These are easy to make and as delicious as regular s’mores. Here’s what you need:


-Two Honey Stinger waffles

-Mini marshmallows

-Mini chocolate chips, mini white chocolate chips, or M&M’s. You can also use a combination of these.

Directions: Tear off a medium-sized piece of tinfoil and place one of your Honey Stinger waffles in the center. Next, pile your mini marshmallows and chocolate chips or M&Ms on top of the waffle. Sandwich the marshmallows and chocolate by placing the second waffle on top, and wrap the tinfoil securely around the waffle s’more. Put your wrapped s’more in the hot coals at the edge of the fire and wait 5 – 10 minutes or until your chocolate and marshmallows have melted. Carefully remove it from the fire, open it up to let it cool for a moment, and enjoy!

Which version will you be making at your next campout?


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