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Clint Whitley is the podcast host of Colorado Hunting Hub and an expert in his field. Recently, he interviewed Big Agnes president and co-founder Bill Gamber on episode 38: Camping Gear for the Hunter. We also asked Clint a little more about his own hunt preparation and what others can do to get ready for the season.

“By now the tags are all drawn and the final preparations are being made for wherever your hunting tags are taking you. The mental preparation never ends but many hunters find themselves physically unprepared for the season. We could have been just a little more in shape, practiced our shooting a little longer or maybe some incidentals come up with our gear, we could have never anticipated, now is the time to make sure those things don’t happen. There’s just a few weeks left before my own backcountry hunting trip so I’ll be focusing on these important to-dos below.”

Clint Whitley, glassing with his son Ty

1. Purchase all of your gear at least 3 weeks out. Gear purchasing with some companies can be tough this close to the season. I needed a couple more items so I called the companies to double check that items weren’t on backorder or that they wouldn’t take longer for any reason. Even Amazon Prime is no longer shipping things in 2 days due to the pandemic.

2. Test it out, pack it up. My spare bedroom is a mess. I have my gear all laid out and I’m starting to check to see that it is all in working condition and stocked up. Fuel canisters, zippers, sleeping pads, these should all be on your checklist to ensure they’re up to par. I’ve also started to pack some things up to see how it all fits and what it weighs so that I can make those final gear adjustments.

3. Practice, practice, practice. Everyday, I’ve been shooting my bow and blowing on my elk calls. It’s almost game time. Like coach always used to say, “you will compete like you practice”

4. Be open to learn more. I’m still learning new things. There are endless podcasts, articles, blogs on gear preparation and other tips and tactics for getting ready for your hunt. I am logging serious podcast hours right now learning new things about elk movements and hunting tactics to do all I can to be ready.

5. Shape up. I’ve been trying to keep my shape. I don’t want to use the hunt to be in shape, I want to be in shape for the hunt. A little stretching and leg work can go a long way for physical fitness preparation. This is the biggest limitation to almost all hunters in the field. It would be a shame to miss out on a bull of a lifetime because my legs were tired.

For more details on product and the brand, listen to our president and co-founder, Bill Gamber talk about our best ultralight gear for hunting on the Colorado Hunting Hub podcast below and skip to minute 06:30 to get straight to the interview.


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About the Author: Clint Whitley is the podcast host of Colorado Hunting Hub. Alongside many hunters in CO, he is a transplant from South Dakota. Clint grew up hunting and has enjoyed learning how to hunt in this state. He is an outdoor educator as a primary career with a passion for sharing his love of the outdoors with those who want to listen. Sparked by the pandemic, this podcast has given him the platform to do just that.

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