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As a Big Agnes ambassador, I jumped on board the whole #campfromhome idea, although to be honest, it seemed quite trivial when some heavier issues were transpiring rapidly in our world. I figured going through the motions couldn’t hurt, so I grabbed a tent and set it up, I even grabbed my back stock of s’more supplies from my car camp kit. When I finally settled into my tent on the balcony of my home, I came to realize that the idea of camping from home had some very familiar similarities to camping in the unknown of the backcountry. 

Justin Reiter #campfromhome

During these crazy times, we are asked to be intentional with our food and supplies, and to stay home when possible. Similar to when we camp and backpack in the outdoors, we have planned to be self-sufficient for the duration of the trip. We’ve prepared food and supplies accordingly, we anticipate all types of weather, and we’ve mentally readied ourselves for the journey, especially on those solo missions. We do this preparation ahead of time so that we can be fully present through our adventures. We find joy from simple campfire conversations or just the sounds of nature. One pot meals sustain us, and the comfort of sleeping warmly sheltered from the storms outside ease us to sleep each night.   

The world beyond the campfire light ceases to exist and those physically closest to us suddenly become closer to our hearts. The conversations don’t necessarily become deeper but the connection somehow does. Hot drinks taste warmer in the open air and s’mores taste sweeter under twinkling starlight. It’s the little things like this that are appreciated more when camping.   

After setting up my camp from home, goofing around a bit and taking some fun photos, I started to look at my life in quarantine as a backcountry trip. I realized the more camp minded focus I brought to my daily routine indoors, the more I felt free. The more effort I put into things like saving water, using resources responsibly, and re-purposing my resources, the more the walls of my home expanded mirroring that feeling of the great outdoors. I was able to revel in my camp from home and realize that it was more of a shelter from the “storm” outside.  

As we navigate through these curious times, and seek out ways to stay positive, creative and engaged, try your own #campfromhome setup. This new shift in perspective has helped me find more purpose beyond my own four walls and my hope is that it will do the same for you.   

See you outside, 

Justin Reiter 

We miss camping as much as you – if you can work and school from home why not camp from home? If you haven’t already, pitch a tent in the middle of your living room or backyard and show us how you #campfromhome

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