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If you’ve ever found yourself in a serious session on, you probably already know we produce a product video for most, if not all, items. From tents to bags, apparel and luggage, we want to make sure you understand all of the features, benefits and any unique attributes of our line.

Filming product video is not as easy as it looks, and after watching our blooper reel, you’ll start to understand why. We solicit talent from our own pool of employees, no one here is a model, actor or wants to be. In fact, we mostly bribe our co-workers into the project with the promise of being outside all day or getting away from the computer. Our “craft service” on set consists of grocery store donuts and homemade coffee from a thermos. It’s a real production for Big Agnes, but we do it for you.

When you’re comparing bikepacking tents for your upcoming trip, or checking out which insulated apparel items would work best for you, we’ve got a video for that. You might not recognize all of the products from our blooper reel, as our 2020 line is just rolling out, but here you’ll see we worked all summer, out in the dirt to show you the inside and out of every new tent, bag and redesigned pad, coming soon!

Sit back, relax and try not to smile.

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  1. phil r.

    Thank you for continuing to deliver awesome products and having fun along the way. Best of the best in 2020 BA.

  2. Rebecca Kolar

    Pretty funny! Thanks for your great customer service this year. Love my 2 person Fly Creek UL tent.

  3. Mary Williams

    So much fun! certainly adds another layer of amazing/fun/crazy to the heart of this company and the “ verrsitile-ness “ of the company and its products. Congratulations on your continued success in delivering top quality and relevant products. ~lion~

  4. steve Benoit

    Very fun! Looks like a great place to work.
    I love all my Big Agnes gear.

  5. Christopher C Conley

    That was awesome, guys! I laughed so much my 10th MTN hut companions thought I was crazy. (Not that it removed doubt).

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