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Announcing Our Newest Ambassador, Tommy Danger

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Tommy had an itch inside of him that needed to be scratched, as he would wake up at 5 a.m. as a child and head out to the lake to catch turtles, frogs, and snakes just for the adventure of it. As he got older, he wanted to do so much more. He would see pictures and dream of going there; but at the time, he didn’t think it was possible — until he rode his bike across America to help at-risk teens. It wasn’t until the day he set off that Tommy knew he could truly live his dreams.

Today, Tommy runs a non-profit called More Than Just Me, where he uses a different array of adventures to drive awareness to causes around the world. His current project is More Than Just Mountains, where he is climbing the Seven Summits to shine a light on Cystic Fibrosis. He currently lives in Park City, UT and Anchorage, AK with his wife, Alyx, daughter, Mayzie, and his pup, Boo.

Tommy lives to inspire, and he’s done that in a big way with us here at Big Agnes. It’s an honor and a privilege to announce Tommy Danger as the newest addition to our Ambassador team. Welcome to the family, Tommy! We love supporting you and your efforts to create change and improve lives around the world.

BA: What does it mean to be named an official Big Agnes Ambassador?

TD: Having a sponsor that makes a product that you can talk about and back without worrying if it will hold up makes life easy, but that’s not my favorite part about Big Agnes. It’s the family aspect. When I talk to other about Big Agnes it’s more about how rad everyone I met that works there is. It doesn’t matter if your are some epic athlete or just an average Joe, we are one big family.

BA: What and who inspire you to live the lifestyle you do?

TD: There were a couple of people that flipped my life around. First being my second mom, Resia Rinker, who took me in like a son and taught me about fitness, health, and got me into triathlons. Then there was Carl Drew, who I met in 2003. Carl was the type of person I dreamed I could be as he travelled the world, climbed epic mountains, and just lived this crazy awesome life. Just days after the first time we met at a national conference for our current job we were in his basement planning the ride across the country. He showed me that I could live my dreams.

BA: What current world issues are most important for you to raise awareness about and why?

TD: I run a non-profit called More Than Just Me that helps with a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis as well as helping orphans around the world get the right supplies to go to school, eat, and even some toys to keep their minds busy. One of the biggest issues outside of the foundation that I am passionate about is protecting our National Parks and Public Lands. These areas are so valuable in so many way. The scenery alone can change a life and show our future what our world is made of and they are EVERYWHERE!

BA: What do you enjoy most about sleeping in the dirt?

TD: The rawness of it all. The smell of the dirt. The breeze that smothers your face on a brisk morning as you watch the sunrise. The ability to look up and know there is more out there than just you staring in the billion star abyss.

BA: What is your favorite piece of Big Agnes gear that you never adventure without?

TD: My big agnes sleeping bag. Warmth and comfort no matter where I go. I still remember getting back to base camp on Denali after a 16 hour hike from hike camp and completely exhausted I just pulled out my BA sleeping bag and laid it on the snow, took off my boots and slid inside until we could fly out in the morning. It’s a must have!

BA: Where is your favorite place you’ve camped?

TD: So many rad places but one of my favorites is definitely Antarctica. During Antarctica’s summer the sun just circles around the top of your tent so no matter what time you wake up in the middle of the night you can pop out of your BA tent and just look into the vastness of nothingness as it seems like it goes on forever. It’s one of the most epic and beautiful places on our earth.

BA: Do you have a favorite, must-cook campfire dinner?

TD: It definitely changes whether I am high on a mountain or doing some glamping with my family but on a mountain I love CHEESE!!! It’s almost like a desert after in a distant land for weeks at a time. As for glamping I love to make some tacos on the grill. Get your tortillas nice charred with some avocado and either chicken or fish to top it off. DON’T FORGET THE HOT SAUCE!

BA: Any epic or memorable camp stories?

TD: Myself and three of my good buddies we self-guiding Denali and we had just climbed the headwall out of Camp 3 hitting the ridge. We were all roped up and as we were making progress along the ridge I heard a *tink tink* sound. I realized as I looked down that two of the poles for my Battle Mountain 3 tent had fallen out of the side of my bag and as one stopped at my feet the other one slide about 100 feet down the slope and was teetering on a rock……the other side of that rock was a 2,000 foot drop. As a team we had decided to only take one tent to high camp as we were trying to summit in nine days as a big storm was coming. Without that pole our summit bid was over and we had to get down quick so instead of going down we decided to create a belay system and lower our buddy down to snag it. Eventually we got it, then got to camp and finally to bed around 2am. We would take off for the summit at 11a the following morning successfully reach the highest point in North America.

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