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5 Qs with Big Agnes Ambassador Krystle Wright

The Campfire Chronicles

We sponsor Krystle Wright because she completes our badass group of ambassadors – all bound by a common passion for provoking boundaries of what’s possible in the backcountry.

Krystle specializes in raw adventure from behind the lens, featuring the extremes of physical and mental capabilities through rock climbing, open water swimming, storm chasing and more. On International Women’s Day, we are celebrating this woman and all women out there getting after it in the outdoors. Kudos for your ambition, bravery and talents.

Originally from Australia, Krystle Wright now calls the road – worldwide – her home as she pursues adventures and expeditions around the world with a camera in hand. One of her biggest motivations is to see how far she can drop off the beaten trail and seek out the far flung corners of this planet with her classic Aussie sarcastic wit and a fine taste for tequila.

What is your favorite thing about being a woman? 

I often am posed with the question, what’s it like to be a ‘female adventure photographer’ and throughout my entire career, I have only ever thought of myself as a photographer. As I conjure up an answer to this question, anything that pops into my mind about what would be the favorite thing about being me is contributed by life experiences and thinking of myself as my own unique personality. If I say that I love skiing or I love camping, being a woman has nothing to do with that.

Are there any assumptions about women in the outdoors that you would like to change, why? 

It’s a difficult and long process to educate and help remove assumptions that are carried by others. In fact, there have been times that even I fell into such traps. Growing up, more often than not, I was usually the only woman in a group setting whether it was playing team sports or running the sidelines of the rugby taking photos during my newspaper days. What I hadn’t realized, this subconsciously built a mentality that ‘there was only enough room for one woman’ which of course is bullshit. If another woman were on the scene at the stadium, I felt threatened as if somehow I would lose my job with the newspaper. Those days are long behind me and I’m so thankful that I snapped out of this unhealthy mentality. These days I feel so joyous when I see other women getting into adventure photography.

When did you realize you were good at your craft? 

Early on in my career, there was the odd image I would capture that gave me hope that I was on the right path. However, there are so many ups and downs that come with freelancing that even to this day I still find myself questioning whether I am making good decisions. A few close friends reminded me of how I was throughout my late twenties and how often I questioned myself especially when the finances weren’t stable. I had become a pro at living in manageable debt. At 29, I started to get a few big breaks that felt like a confirmation of all the hard work I had invested.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your career? 

I don’t think there is one particular challenge that stands out. As my career and life evolve, so do the problems that come with it and the challenges certainly don’t stop. From injuries that have hospitalized me, $20 away from bankruptcy, countless photoshoots or ideas that have fallen through, I have a career that rewards with some of the greatest highs and extreme lows. Perhaps the biggest challenge is the enduring patience.

What do you think the biggest challenge will be for the next generation of women? 

I can’t help but think of the impact that climate change will bring and what the next generation will inherit from us. As I watched my home Australia burn far and wide this recent Summer, catastrophic events such as this, force us to re-evaluate and remind us of how precious life is. I feel there are parallels in these issues of equality and climate change because it’s asking us to question the systems we have in place, they’re not working.

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