The Baja Allure – Adventuring South in Springtime

Essays From the Field
"Braden emerged slowly from our sleeping bag, and tiptoed toward the dark figure. I stayed behind, prepared to provide backup with a piece of driftwood in my hand. Braden approached, and the figure seemed startled. But shortly after, a human face manifested; and most importantly, a smile. Turned out, it was midnight, and an elderly Mexican farmer and his son had just acquired a flat tire way out here in the middle of No-Man’s-Beach-Land. One floppy tire, no wrench, no food or water." Read the rest

Taco de Orizaba: The Highest Taco Stand In Mexico

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
"I don’t think Mike or I slept much the entire trip. Or maybe that was just the acclimatization process. We both agreed that if conditions proved stupid, we would just hang out, enjoy the views of Orizaba the “taco de ojo” (Mexican slang for “eye candy”) and open up the highest taco stand in Mexico. We forgot utensils and still managed to prepare plantain black bean tacos and fried potato, ham and cheese tacos with our ice axes and a stack of fresh handmade tortillas we picked up en route to the mountain." Read the rest

Q & A with Non-Profit, SOS Outreach

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
SOS Outreach (SOS) is a multi-state organization that empowers the most at-risk youth to access the recreation and resources to achieve their optimal potential - in education and in life - through equal parts leadership development, positive adult mentorship, and responsible outdoor adventure. Big Agnes’ contributions enable SOS Outreach to provide youth embarking on camping and backpacking trips with high quality tents and sleeping pads. The high performance gear that Big Agnes donates each year ensures that our youth, who are often on their first camping trip, will have the best experience possible. Read the rest

Q & A with Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC)

Sponsorship and Non-Profit
 Trail adoption is critical to the long-term sustainability of the CDT. Once any trail is built, that is only the beginning of a long-term commitment to the trail. Because of shrinking agency budgets and increased duties, agencies have less support to provide to on-the-ground projects. Trail adoption helps accomplish the back log of trail maintenance but also supports our federal agency partners in the daunting task of maintaining the CDT. Read the rest