Sleep In The Dirt

The Forgotten Coast of Nicaragua

The Campfire Chronicles

In March of 2015, we found ourselves with a unique opportunity to hop aboard an old weathered panga that moved about as fast as a sea turtle could probably swim, with an old weathered fisherman. Eight hours later, we had be-bopped along through a crazy visual voyage of lagoons with …

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“Spring Forward!”

The Campfire Chronicles
You must have noticed it? Light in the sky where only a month ago was darkness. A gentle warming of the air. The first bird song in the trees. There is change in the air as we move toward spring and this change is most noticeable with the time change. Read the rest

“Ski Hard, Ski Fast, Ski Long”

The Campfire Chronicles
On January 1, 2016, Aaron began chasing his goal to earn 2.5 million self-propelled vertical feet. He crushed his goal and continues to surpass that number as he travels the globe earning his turns. We were able to catch up with him while he was in the Southern Hemisphere this fall, earning more turns in Argentina. Read the rest