Sleep In The Dirt

Housing Hikers for PCT “Day Zero”

Essays From the Field
"We're on our way to hosting 1,100 this year. It is all gratis, no gifts, no donations. We're crazy--either hug us or lock us up. I will freely admit that the week before the last hiker leaves on May 15, we put a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator. And it's not for the hikers." Read the rest

The Baja Allure – Adventuring South in Springtime

Essays From the Field
"Braden emerged slowly from our sleeping bag, and tiptoed toward the dark figure. I stayed behind, prepared to provide backup with a piece of driftwood in my hand. Braden approached, and the figure seemed startled. But shortly after, a human face manifested; and most importantly, a smile. Turned out, it was midnight, and an elderly Mexican farmer and his son had just acquired a flat tire way out here in the middle of No-Man’s-Beach-Land. One floppy tire, no wrench, no food or water." Read the rest

The Evolution of a Thru-Hiker’s Gear

Essays From the Field
Only after endless nights of sleeping in the dirt and becoming a true “dirtbag” did I find out that what you leave at home is almost more important than what you take with you. You cannot figure that out until you have hiked thousands of miles and learned what you are comfortable living without.  Read the rest